botanical garden style engraved horticultural plant and tree labels  ~ black label holders ~ engraved outdoor weatherproof QR codes


Engraved Outdoor QR Codes


The Future?

Provide a wealth of information via a website link. Just scan the code with a smartphone. Combine this with the quality and durability of our botanical labels and you have a method of enhancing the visitor experience without extensive information on a label or notice. 


These can be produced as stand alone labels, or included on a label or plaque. 




QR label or disc area up to 25 square cm: (i.e. 5x5cm)            2.50 each

QR label or disc area up to 48 square cm: (i.e. 6x8cm)            2.65 each

QR label or disc area up to 60 square cm: (i.e. 6x10cm)           2.75 each


Minimum order 20 codes of one size and format

 (codes can be different)


To produce these we need the codes Emailed as bitmaps or vector images, or the url. to generate them, together with details of size required and holes for mounting.

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